I like a lot of color in my life even “non” colors like gray, white and black. That’s why I love that I live in a state that has all four seasons. But, by late Winter and early Spring I have had about enough of the color gray. In Iowa, the sky is gray about 80 percent of the time and I just live for the bright blue clear sky with a warm golden sun.

Today is one of those gray, rainy days. Knowing that I was going to teeter on the edge of staying under the covers unable to face a potential Spring blizzard in Iowa or a trip to the funny farm, I quickly got dressed and threw on a bright orange scarf. My usual Saturday is spent in sweat pants, messy hair and a large cup of coffee, so this is quite out of the ordinary for me.

Today I needed that extra punch of color and motivation to get through the pile of work that is lined up for the weekend and fighting the cold weather blues is not on the list.

What do you do to motivate and inspire yourself on down and difficult days? Be brave and add a pop of color whether it’s a bright piece of clothing, a fresh bouquet of flowers or whistling a peppy tune. People will notice! Go be brave!