Working a Pause into it

I’m always amazed at how fast time goes. To even imagine that all three of my daughters will experience life-changing events in just a few short weeks is hard for me. It doesn’t feel like long ago that they started school or wanted to sit and snuggle. As the days fly by toward a wedding and the twins starting college, I wonder what can I do to slow down…pause…just enough to clear my mind, embrace today and let in new ideas? With our heads full of lists, work, and chaos, what can we all do to be in the present moment and reflect on our greater purpose?

As a creative, almost every job is being done at break-neck speed. Once the job is in my hands, there is usually little to no regard to the time it takes to be creative…the “pause” I need to make something exceptional. Which, in my case, carries over into my personal life. How fast can dinner be made? How fast can the house be cleaned? How fast can I get a work out finished? Fast, fast fast! Which means by the time the end of the day comes, I haven’t taken a moment to reflect, rethink, or recharge.

Experts say that pausing several times during the day to reframe our thoughts will truly allow us to live our best life. The challenge is that we don’t know HOW to do this. How can we remember to remember?

Today, I will be creating a Pause bracelet out of embroidery thread and some beads I have around. This will be my reminder to stop and say a prayer, do some deep breathing, stretch or go for a casual walk. I encourage everyone to set a reminder and take a small break from the speed of light world we live in. Oh and hug your babies because before you know it they are spreading their wings and taking some amazing flights right out of the nest.