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I have 25+ years of experience working in the creative field. I have worked on an extremely diverse portfolio of projects. What you see here is a sampling of projects from recent years.

From my humble beginnings as a paste-up artist in a small family-owned print shop where I dropped my Exacto knife and impaled my foot on my very first day (yes, I still have ten toes.) Then, I was on to jobs such as hand-painting logos on restaurant walls and doing paste-up (on a light table with a t-square) for ads being run in the Des Moines Register. I was then hired as a senior graphic designer for a publishing company because I knew how to use the scanner and edit in Adobe Photoshop (my portfolio was growing from tradition graphic design to digital design.) I was hired as a contractor and then promoted to Art Director/Manager of a team of creatives in the very dark and musty basement of the old Bankers Life building. From there, I spent many years freelancing where I was able to work on a multitude of projects and raise my children. Now, I am the Associate Director of Communications for the United Methodist Church. In this role I am able to be a creative graphic designer, manage communications for large events, design and manage websites, write copy, cover news events and produce just about any project you can think of. 

Please look around and feel free to drop me a note if you are interested in knowing more about any specific project or would like a sample of something that you don’t see here.